Oversized Blinds

We are often asked to make blinds that are over or at the maximum width of the fabric. Unfortunately, just because a fabric is in our fabric list as available 2800mm or even 3000mm wide, it is not always practical to nor possible to use this full width.

Most fabrics will have a selvedge that will need to be removed to form a straight edge so that we can cut a square blind that will roll up straight. Some fabrics don’t have such a drastic selvedge but the edges aren’t always straight.

Usually the minimum we can cut from each side is 25mm. The deduction we make for the brackets and controls of a roller blind is 34mm. So, if we had a 3000mm wide fabric cut 50mm of to get our straight edges then added the 34mm for brackets and controls, the widest blind would be 2984mm.

However, should you insist we will of course make the blind without straight edges so in the extreme case where a fabric did not have a drastic selvedge we could conceivably make a blind 3034mm wide. Of course, we would accept no responsibility for the performance of such a blind as I would expect it to not have straight edges at the sides.

Please remember our policy that blinds less than 600mm, more than 2400mm and or 2200mm in height are not warrantied against bagging of the fabric, a bow in the tube causing veeing, tracking and fraying.