Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have the power to drastically alter the mood of any space and are an investment that can add value to the home. Roman Blinds are available in two major styles. Classic Roman blinds use a back baton only to create a simple fold that is ideally suited to fancier or patterned fabrics. Plantation Roman blinds have a front baton made of extruded aluminium in a range of colours to lift and enhance more simpler fabrics. Both styles use coloured plastic end caps to cover the edge of the extrusion.

Due to the folding of the fabric which is the feature of Roman Blinds softer fabrics are more suited to this style of blind. Some of the more rigid Blockout fabrics are not recommended in Roman Blinds as they will bellow out when the blind is raised and any attempt to flatten the blind will cause a crease in the fabric.

Roman binds, particularly larger ones, can be heavy to lift. This is why the chain mechanism on any Roman Blinds will have a gearing of 4:1.

The weight of a Roman Blind is influenced by the aluminium batons. This weight can see the fabric settle or stretch by as much as 20mm to 40mm. This settling cannot be confidently predicted which is why Roman Blinds are not recommended for Inside Mount.

Another reason Outside Mount is the preferred method of installing Roman Blinds is the light gaps at the sides due to the control mechanism is a minimum of 15mm. Outside Mount Roman Blinds can run past the opening of the window ensuring better privacy and light block.   

Because of weight considerations the baton spacing on Panel Glides is greater than that of Roman Blinds therefore the matching of baton spacing between Roman Blinds and panel Glides is not available.  

 Mandatory Options for Roman Blinds

The following options are mandatory and a selection must be made before any order can be placed. Of course for quotation purposes these selections can be made later.

 It is a requirement by law that to avoid creating a possible strangulation hazard for children that any internal window covering must be installed in such a way that a loose cord or chain cannot form a loop 220mm or longer at a height of less than 1600mm above the floor.

For this reason Roman Blinds are not manufactured with cord operation. 

Mounting Method                             Inside Mount or Outside Mount. As previously mentioned Inside Mount is not recommended because of the settling of the fabric and the light gaps.

“Inside Mount ”


·       The blind sits into the reveal of the window


·       There will be light gaps at the edges of the blind due to the batons and the operating chain.

·       As it is impossible to determine how much the fabric may stretch or settle over time, the blind may prove too long or too short for the window.


“Outside Mount ”


·       The blind can run past the window allowing a greater coverage.

·       Should the fabric stretch over time there will be no apparent change in the overall appearance of the blind.


·       There will be light gaps at the sides of the blind as the fabric will sit off the wall the depth of the bracket.


Chain Retainer Bracket                    A Chain Retainer Bracket will be supplied and must be installed with every roller blinds where the chain can form a loop of 220mm or longer at a height of 1600mm above the floor.

Baton                                                           Options are Classic Style where only a back baton is visible in Candlelight, Cotton, Silver and Ebony or Plantation Style where an extruded aluminium Baton is available in Candlelight, Cotton, Silver, Ebony, Chrome, Cedar,  Walnut and Rosewood.

The spacing between the top of the Roman Blind and last Baton will be even. The space between the last Baton and the bottom of the Roman Blind will be slightly longer to allow for overlap.

Control                                                       The Control side can be on the Left or on the Right. The Control Mechanism is white to match the track which is white, however the chain can be in White, Beige, Black or Stainless Steel. There is a surcharge for Stainless Steel Chain.

Bottom Rail                                            

Sewn- Hem sewn with PVC  lath. The side of the hem is not sewn closed.

Oval- in White, White Birch, Black, Rivergum Beige andAnodised, with matching coloured plastic end caps.

Flat- in White, White Birch, Black, Stone Beige, Anodised and Bright Silver, with clear plastic end caps.

Insert- Same as flat but with a fabric inserted into the rail. This type of bottom rail is not suitable for Sunscreen and sheer fabrics as any glue used to hold the fabric in will be visible through

Aveugle- The same as Sewn with an aluminium baton covering the sewn hem, In Candlelight, Cotton, Ebony, Bright Silver, Cedar, Rosewood and Walnut.

Each type of bottom rail is available in certain colours. Please consult with you consultant in choosing your preferred style

Discretionary Options For Roman Blinds


100mm Linear pelmets with or without a fabric insert are an available option on Roman Blinds.