Vertical Blinds

Also known as Vertical Drapes. We offer Vertical blinds in two fabric widths 89mm and 127mm. In determining the slat width consideration must be given to availability of the fabric as not all fabrics are available in both sizes, and the most suitable size to fit the window. Generally a narrow window reveal would be better serviced by 89mm slats, just as a wide opening such as a sliding door is better suited to wider slats. However, by virtue that you need more narrow slats o cover a window than wider slats, 89mm vertical blinds will usually be more expensive than 127mm.

Vertical blinds can also be installed “Inside Mount” or “Outside Mount”. In addition by using an extension reveal bracket they can be mounted somewhere in between.

The versatility of vertical blinds cannot be overstated. Where other blinds such as roller blinds and roman blinds are essentially either up or down, vertical drapes can be tilted on the vertical axis to afford privacy whilst still allowing filtered light to enter the room.

In accordance with the new child safety legislation we recommend and supply vertical blinds with wand operation only. A wand negates the need for operation cords which can pose a hazard to children. The wand operation is also far less prone to maintenance issues experienced by cord operated blinds.

The track components we use in the manufacture of our Vertical Blind range are of the highest standard, all spacers that separate the slats are made of stainless steel. This is a distinct advantage over many other manufacturers.


Mandatory Options for Vertical Blinds

The following options are mandatory and must be chosen before any order can be placed.

It is a requirement by law that to avoid creating a possible strangulation hazard for children that any internal window covering must be installed in such a way that a loose cord or chain cannot form a loop 220mm or longer at a height of less than 1600mm above the floor.

For this reason Vertical Blinds are recommended to be manufactured with a wand operation. Cord and chain operation is available upon request.

Slat size.                           89mm or 127mm. Subject to the fabric chosen.

Mounting Method           Inside Mount or Outside Mount


 “Inside Mount  89mm”


·       Able to be mounted close to the glass minimising light gap.


·       The adjustment to allow for the end caps means there can be a gap on the sides of the blind.

·       The carriers can cause the blades to not to reach the left and right edge of the window.

·       The nature of the spacing on Vertical Blinds means that there can be an uneven spacing between the last few blades.

“Outside Mount  89mm”


·       Fully covers the window and will be closer to the glass than 127mm slats.


·       89mm blades are not recommended for very wide openings as the bunching of a large number of slats can prove heavy to operate.

·       The nature of the spacing on Vertical Blinds means that there can be an uneven spacing between the last few blades.


Bunch                                        Vertical blinds can be manufactured so that the wand bunches the slats to the Left or Right. They can also centre bunch or centre open. It is recommended that the bunching is away from the opening.

“Centre Bunch”


·       If chosen for the correct window type this configuration can prove very practical.If wand operation is chosen then a wand at each end of he blinFully covers the window and will be closer to the glass than 127mm slats.


·       If wand operation is chosen then a wand at each end of he blind will be supplied. This may cause the blind to show a larger gap at each end is fitted inside mount.

·       Can prove heavy to operate.

Chain and Weights            Vertical blinds made from sewn fabric can be manufactured with bottom weights and chain or bottom weight only (Chainless). Sewn in bottom weights are an available option but as these are manually sewn the stitching can sometimes look untidy.

Brackets                                   The type of bracket used will be determined by the mounting method. Unless otherwise stipulated the bracket colour will be silver.

Track                                          Vertical blind tracks are available in White, Birch, Black and Anodised. Vertical blind tracks will be supplied without a mini fabric pelmet unless stipulated

End Caps                                  Are available in White and Black only unless otherwise stipulated Artessa will choose the most appropriate colour.

Wand                                         Blinds where the drop is less than 900mm will be supplied with a 500mm wand. Blinds greater than 900 but less than 1600 will be supplied with a 750mm wand. Blinds greater than 1600mm will be supplied with a 1500mm wand.

Consult with your consultant for wand colours for vertical blinds. Unless otherwise stipulated on the order the wand will be supplied in a matching colour to the track.

Cord and Chain

Cord for vertical blinds is available in white only. Chains will be supplied in white unless otherwise stipulated.

Discretionary Options for Vertical Blinds

100mm Linear pelmets with or without a fabric insert are an available option on Vertical Blinds.